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JUNE - JULY 2024

Please note:  Port Askaig is open for the ferry running between Islay and Jura.
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There are many ways to get to Jura, the island sits due west of Glasgow.  It's a 2.5hr drive from Glasgow with regular buses connecting with both the passenger ferry or the car ferry, or you can fly to Islay, or into Craighouse by seaplane.


Jura Passenger Ferry

The best way to get to us in the summer months we think is by passenger ferry, 50mins straight from the mainland into Craighouse on a fast catamaran.  You can leave your car at Tayvallich or get the bus, the 425 Lochgilphead to Tayvallich bus service links up with the passenger ferry which goes on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays & Saturdays. 


A single journey on the Jura Passenger Ferry is £27.50, children under 5, bikes and dogs are free. For bookings, information, public transport, port information, and timetables visit or call Nicol on +44(0)7768 450000.

If coming by foot please let us know if you need picking up from Jura pier and we can pick you up (£10 pickup charge) or arrange taxi and drop you back down again (£10 drop off charge) or get Jura Cycles to leave bikes for you.  We are 5km from the pier on Jura.

If you would like to hire a car when you are here we can help with that.

Calmac Car Ferry

19th June - 30th July 2024 Disruption to Port Askaig (Calmac ferries only) all ferries diverted to Port Ellen during this period but it's only a 40 min drive. 

Port Askaig New Vessel Port Enabling Works

Alternatively if you would like to bring your car then you can get to Jura via neighbouring island of Islay.  Calmac ferries leave from the port at Kennacraig up to 5 times a day and land alternating between Port Askaig or Port Ellen ports on Islay. 


If you get the ferry to Port Askaig that's the same port that the smaller Jura ferry goes from so this is ideal.  If you go to Port Ellen its about 40min drive to Port Askaig to get over to Jura. As soon as you have secured your accommodation please book your ferry and please make sure you take out travel insurance against unforseen events.


The Jura Passenger ferry runs on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays

Calmac ferries go to Islay ports and. there are at least 5 a day in the summer.


Jura Ferry (the wee ferry) Port Askaig to Feolin

From Port Askaig you get the 'wee ferry' to Feolin on Jura.  This ferry you do not need to book (unless the earlies or late ferry) as it is a roll on roll off ferry and there is a ferry at least once an hour, usually at quarter past the hour.  The same time is used at both sides as the crossing is between 5-10 mins.

TImetable and more information:


You can fly to Islay Airport from Glasgow, the flight takes 25 mins. for flight times

Loch Lomond Seaplanes fly to Jura every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


The 'wee' ferry between Islay and Jura


Loch Lomond Seaplane lands on Jura three times a week.

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